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Athlete: about the authors

Three wholly enlightening page-turners are used as reference books in the PS Professional Athlete training course. What does this mean? Well, that the course is intended for everyone. The course itself draws from popular nonfiction – some of which has stood the test of time. How to Win Friends and Influence People was first published in 1936 and continues to inform readers about getting out of a mental rut, interacting well with other people and transforming all relationships. 


Dale Carnegie

Author of How to Win Friends and Influence People (1989), Carnegie always believed in the power of self-improvement. He started out relatively poor and worked his way up due to this conviction. Eventually he was lecturing packed lecture halls about his valuable interpersonal insights. It all started with his assessment of the way in which respect can be earned even if all the odds seem to be against you: simply make use of the power of words.

Attendees of the PS Professional Athlete course will learn how to make friends quickly and easily. In a business environment this can be thought of as networking – a vital professional skill. They will also be taught how to get people to buy into ideas, how to improve conversation skills as well as how to acquire new customers. Astute candidates will even apply this aptitude in personal relationships to reap the full benefits of the training.

Stephen Covey

Stephen Covey authored The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People which has been inspiring people since 1989 to adopt a principles-centred approach to problem-solving. Covey is admired for his simple but powerful teachings; they are both timeless and universal. Covey received numerous awards and various honorary doctorate degrees over the years.

His seminal work embodies his legacy. A professionalism course is incomplete if it lacks a framework for adapting to change. This book provides the natural laws that outline how to take advantage of opportunities. Glean the power and wisdom that these pages have to offer.

Graham Allcott

Of the course material, How to be a Productivity Ninja (2014) is the most recently published but is also a bestselling title. Author, entrepreneur, speaker and podcaster Graham Allcott is a leader in personal productivity training. Allcott has a passion for assisting charities and volunteering and is described as being both ambitious and impatient. The latter, quite simply, explains his pursuit of ultimate productivity.

Time management is key in the information age which is why the PS Professional Athlete course redirects participants to Allcott’s advice and findings. Some of his techniques include ruthlessness, mindfulness, stealth and calmness when it comes to getting jobs done and beating procrastination. Allcott supports the notion work smarter not harder.

All the members of an organisation stand to take away invaluable lessons from this training course. The result is an entirely transformed workplace culture. Develop the stamina to be more personally and professionally effective. Rely on the accredited experts and authors to achieve a higher level of professionalism. The easy-reading is a bonus!

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