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Backing Up Training with Experience

There is a misconception amongst many companies’ senior management that simply sending staff for training is enough to make them fully capable and competent. But while training does provide employees with the knowledge of how to do their work, if they lack experience they may struggle to implement this knowledge. That is why we encourage backing up your Prince2® training with mentorship to develop project managers of a higher calibre.

Guidance backed by experience


First and foremost, employees will benefit from mentorship through the experienced guidance this process offers. Mentors should be individuals who have experience in the field, and in the specific work environment, which a freshly-trained employee would not yet have. A mentor will have experienced many successes and failures and made various mistakes which he or she can help mentees to avoid. This will go a long way to producing more confident new project managers – and this is a role where confidence and control are vital.


Prince2® courses provide valuable strategies and insights for project management, and at Stratsure our courses are delivered by enthusiastic and experienced trainers. This sets our training apart from most because our trainers are able to provide more specific guidance and advice to students, much like a mentor!

Organisational familiarity


To make the best of our Prince2® courses and the guidance given by our experienced trainers, and to help tailor what is learned specifically to the organisation, mentors are indispensable. Beyond their experience in the field of project management mentors will also be familiar with the goals, methodologies and specific software and tools of the organisation.


When Prince2® training is combined with mentorship, new project managers are given the opportunity to quickly incorporate and apply their knowledge in a focused manner. The mentor will be able to provide practical training and guidance in organisation-specific methods and tools, adding further training and experience to what was learned in the Prince2® courses. On top of the added efficiency gained by bringing the project manager up to specific standards and requirements quickly, mentors can also save their organisations huge amounts of money by reducing the potential for mistakes and misunderstandings.

Mental benefits of support


Beyond the practical and economic benefits of mentorship for new project managers, the mental, emotional and social benefits are also significant. By providing mentorship and support in a challenging environment, it helps the employee to feel safe and valued, which creates positive feelings towards the organisation. These positive feelings increase loyalty and encourage better work ethics and harder work. Beyond this, by having mentors support new project managers they can help to take a lot of strain off of them and help them to remain on target, which is another vital aspect of project management.



Mentorship and support is an invaluable part of training new project managers and should not be neglected. That is why at Stratsure we have made sure that our Prince2® courses in Gauteng are led by experienced trainers who can add personal advice and value into all Prince2® training. We can even train your mentors too! Contact us and see what we have on offer for you.

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Friday, February 23, 2018 - 12:00
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