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Prince2® vs Agile® Project Management Methodology


Both the Prince2® and Agile® project management courses are geared to teach you to lead and successfully complete projects. But which one is the best for you and your team? Following are some of the main similarities and differences between them, to help you decide which would most benefit you as a project manager.


The Stratsure Essentials Range

The Stratsure Essentials range is exactly that: the essentials for all kinds of management. Project and Programme Management Essential courses are available and can vastly improve the way you and your employees do business.

Retaking your Prince2® Practitioner Exam

Our motto at Stratsure is “there is no such thing as failure, only feedback.” If at first, you don’t succeed, try and try again. Stratsure allows you to retake your Prince2® Exam because we understand that learning a skill is not as simple as people may think. The Prince2® practitioner and re-registration examinations are available should you need another shot.

How Prince2® makes you more employable

That’s what we all want: to be attractive as a potential employee to potential employers. The ultimate way for project managers of any field to reach this standard is through Prince2®. Prince2® is the industry standard for project management around the world. This means it is easily accessible – qualification is just a click away.

What does the Agile methodology mean for your management future?

Your management style is unique if it works, but it could work even better. AgilePM® will re-centre the focus of your management onto the client. A customer focus is what works every time.


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