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Calling All PRINCE2® Practitioners!

Upgrade your accreditation and include programme management

After training PRINCE2® for eight years, I discovered a similar yet vastly enhanced framework to managing change. I have just presented my second Praxis™ course and believe me, PRINCE2® practitioners will benefit enormously by investing in a three-day Praxis™ Bridging course.


Here are some of the enhancements in Praxis that amazed me:

  • Praxis™ includes programme and portfolio content in the accreditation. Project and programme management are merged together in a wonderful way of using a common set of terminologies.
  • Benefits management and the role of BCM’s (Business Change managers) is raised to a new level of participation – even at the start of a project, through programmes into the portfolios.
  • Requirements management is dealt with during (what PRINCE2® names) Starting Up a Project process (high level), during Initiation (detail level) and is constantly addressed during delivery and at Stage boundaries, in a friendly sensible way.
  • The seven interpersonal skills that every person working in the P3 environment should have, which are essential to achieving more and succeeding in relating to others – they will enhance your level of professionalism.
  • By attending the course, your span of insight into the context of your project will be widened – this will make you a more valued and understanding member of your P3 environment.
  • Gaining an insight into portfolio management removes the “mystery” that many delegates have and enables you to understand portfolio role players and their responsibilities with greater insight.
  • The seven themes in PRINCE2® are expanded and taken to new levels in Praxis™. You will receive new levels of understanding (for example) in: resource management, investment appraisal, budget and cost control, procurement and contract management, change management, solutions management, resource scheduling, mobilisation, and others. These additional “themes” require constant attention during project delivery.
  • Stakeholder management is brought to life – engaging with stakeholders (bi-directional communication) is essential in the P3 team and outside to other stakeholders.

Visit the official web site ( ) to gain access to all Praxis documentation, including templates, case studies and a Capability Maturity self-assessment

In summary, I remain a PRINCE2® fan for basic project management skills – although “Praxis ™ foundation” is an alternative. But for practicing PRINCE2® practitioners who want to advance their careers and contribute more effectively to their organisation, the Praxis™ Bridging course offers great value. A word of caution, this is a tough three days so get ready for pre-course preparation and a few nights of homework.

There are just too many fundamental omissions from the scope in the PRINCE2® methodology to satisfy the needs of the practicing P3 professional. You probably need an upgrade.

Contact us for more information or view the courses we have on offer. There is even a special offer running!


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Thursday, April 26, 2018 - 08:00
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