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The difference between project management and programme management

Project managers and programme managers ensure that programmes and projects are completed effectively and resourcefully. Businesses employ them to run operations as efficiently as possible using the available resources. They are also valuable assets for the day-to-day operations of any business. So even though some of their tools and techniques may be similar, the roles of project managers and programme managers are in fact very different.


The difference between programmes and projects

When a large project consist of smaller projects that are dependent on each other, it becomes a programme. Programmes focus on achieving general goals or business objectives. Projects are temporary undertakings that generally come with costs, deadlines and limited resources.

What is a programme manager?

The programme manager is the leader of the overall programme. She/he keeps the goals and objectives of the programme in mind and works directly towards achieving them. The programme manager must define and implement smaller, dependent projects that fall in line with the overall aim. To achieve the overarching goal, strategy and implementation should be focused on. Programme managers are usually more experienced.

What is a project manager?

A project manager must plan, budget for, oversee and report on all aspects of specific projects. Project managers are solely in charge of a project; they must see that it is done before the deadline, within the budget and according to the scope.

How can you learn to be an effective project manager?

We offer intensive project management courses and issue certificates that will be recognised for your professional career. Our AgilePM® course equips you with the basic components of excellence in consumer service. When you understand your role as a catalyst, you will be able to build mutually beneficial relationships. We teach you the ability to listen with purpose and to exceed expectations. The AgilePM® course also focuses on customer satisfaction and gives you the ability to think like a customer.  

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