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Multiple use of PM methods

While becoming accredited to train in three project management methods, some important questions emerged:

  1. What could happen when the strengths of multiple project management methods are combined?
  2. Can the elimination of the weaknesses of some PM method guides be removed?
  3. Will a hybrid method result in improved project success?
  4. Are there benefits in delivering incrementally?
  5. Can the three roles identified in Scrum Master achieve the same as the 13 roles in AgilePM?

During this course the following comparisons will be made:

  1. Building and maintaining user requirements
  2. Reporting project progress and communicating
  3. How a solution development team applies tolerances
  4. Achieving fixed time and cost targets
  5. Using other agile tools like Kanban diagrams
  6. Ensuring fit-for-purpose products with sound business participation