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Prince2® Practitioner Exam

prince2 practitioner courseDuring the practitioner exam, you will be presented with a series of questions and your appropriate response will be required.   Most delegates have experienced time pressure to answer all the questions.  Besides your brain; you only have the official reference manual available to yourself to find an accurate answer.

Many delegates choose to be predominately guided by their experience in project management.  Many other functions of the mind can be used to derive an appropriate response to a question.  In particular, people’s responses to are influenced by their emotions, values, principles and traditions.  You will benefit greatly by accepting 2 prime sources of assistance:

  1. A new type of Prince2® logic that you will experience.
  2. An understanding of how best to use the reference Manual with familiarity of
  • The hotspots
  • App A
  • App B

Each question presents an opportunity to be rewarded with 1 mark.  Tiredness and fatigue may become your enemies.  Care should be given to each question.  Time will require you to work briskly but accurately.


During the practitioner course you will be introduced to as many techniques as possible that will assist you in:

  1. Gaining an understanding of the Scenario
  2. Carefully reading the questions
  3. Understanding the use of certain words used in the questions
  4. Working briskly to find the place in the reference manual that can help you
  5. Being comfortable with the type of questions used.
  6. Eliminating obvious inappropriate answers to find the best answers

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