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Putting Excellence Into Practice With Praxis

How did your first driving experience go? Most of us find out very quickly that knowing how to drive and actually doing it are two very different things. That is the difference that a Praxis framework course offers you. The difference between knowing the theory and actually putting it into practice.


How did Praxis come into practice?


The story behind how Praxis framework courses came into practice stretches back to the development of project management. As a project manager, or somebody who works with people in this role, you know that project management doesn’t occur in a vacuum – it is accompanied by programme and portfolio management as well.

Managers working across these roles were – and still are – required to take part in accredited project management courses across all these disciplines, learning all the principles. But the problem was that there was a lot of knowledge that was duplicated and/or lost through all of this learning. There was no convenient, additive method, as such.

Praxis arose from this, in 2012, as a single framework capable of encompassing project, programme and portfolio management. This meant that there was now one framework that could consistently include and deal with the body of knowledge and methodologies of all three.

What do you get out of it?


Simply put, a Praxis framework course provides you with a framework to integrate project, programme and portfolio management and all of their terminologies and approaches. Through Praxis you have access to a common guide that covers the three disciplines together, allowing you to work across them all seamlessly (or as close to it as possible).

Put Praxis into practice with a quality course


Given how valuable Praxis can be to ensuring and implementing success in your project, programme and portfolio management efforts, you want a quality provider of accredited project management courses. With years of experience in this field, and especially in training professionals to reach their full potential, Stratsure is here to provide you with that quality.

Best of all, we don’t waste your time. Our dedicated, energetic trainers will take you through the Foundation Praxis framework course in three days, after which you will write an exam on what you learnt. After passing this exam you will move on to the Practitioner course which will only take you two days, during which you will then write another exam based on a fictitious case study. And just like that, in a single working week, you will be ready to start putting Praxis into practice!


Still have questions before taking on the Praxis framework course? Get in touch and we will be more than happy to assist you in any way you need. You can also have a look through our blog for some interesting articles on how our courses benefit you and your future.

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