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Stay Project Fit With An AgilePM™ Project Management Course

Staying on top of things takes a lot of work, especially when you are trying to manage an entire project and the various teams involved. Having the professional fitness and agility to adapt and keep up with the fast pace of modern project management, especially in technological industries, is vital. And here’s how an Agile project management course can help you with keep ‘fit’ in this career path.


Be flexible

Just like athletes need flexible and supple muscles for proper fitness, project managers often need to be flexible and adaptable in business. You work on time-sensitive projects, with strict budgets, deadlines and plans. But things go wrong, and key components or requirements might change without warning.

The use of short ‘scrum’ meetings in the Agile methodology gives you the capability to deal with such challenges effectively. By having these short meetings with the various small, individual teams daily gives you an opportunity to quickly catch up on where each team is with their work. If anything changes and needs to be adapted, you can let the team know in this quick meeting, and plans can be suitably adjusted on the spot with minimal hassle.

Improved communication

If you’ve gone through the Prince2® certification, then you will know how important communication is to any project. The AgilePM® Foundation and Practitioner course helps you to take this focus on communication to the next level.

As I mentioned above, a major component of the Agile methodology is the use of scrum meetings. In addition to being a brilliant way to adapt and update plans, this also allows better communication between teams and project managers.

By communicating with your teams on a daily basis you become far more in touch with the people working on the project. You gain greater insights into their challenges, weaknesses and strengths. This provides you with a unique opportunity to improve the way you work with them, as well as being able to further adjust your strategies to make optimal use of the skillsets available.

Reach project fitness!

Contact us to book your spot in the next AgilePM™ Foundation and Practitioner course. The course trainer, Tsenolo, is an enthusiastic and experienced trainer who is ready to share with you the same level of dedication that led to him being fluent in six languages.

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