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Find and Nurture Great Talent with Prince2®

Any business can either sink or soar depending on how effective and efficient its employees are. If your employees and team leaders don’t know what they are doing, or even what their co-workers are doing, their projects are bound to suffer. Sending your employees for accredited Prince2® courses in Gauteng with is a great way to protect your team from this pitfall.

How Prince2® makes you more employable

That’s what we all want: to be attractive as a potential employee to potential employers. The ultimate way for project managers of any field to reach this standard is through Prince2®. Prince2® is the industry standard for project management around the world. This means it is easily accessible – qualification is just a click away.

The Benefits of Experiential Learning in the Workplace

experiential learning approachAs soon as you become permanently employed after completing your secondary or tertiary qualification, you usually realise that your education hasn’t ended yet. Learning is, indeed, a lifelong process.

5 Project Management Myths Busted

prince2 trainingSuccessful project managers require certain skills and dedicated practice to become good at what you do. However, certain prerequisites keep us from becoming all that we can be simply by believing project management myths covered up as facts. So before you set yourself up for failure, have a look at the following five project management myths busted.

Why the Prince2 Certification is so Sought After

Prince2 certification, Prince2 Practitioner, prince2 training

The Prince2 certification is sought after for many reasons, all of which will create opportunities, boost your career and ensure personal development. In order to master project management, the Prince2 Practitioner course is essential.

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