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PM for Non-PM'ers

Course Duration: 2 days

This course that provides participants with a basic knowledge of project management to improve project performance.  In this busy world we live in, perhaps you don’t have the time or money to attend the accredited PRINCE2® course we offer, but you need to know the Essentials of Project Management.  This will provide a common understanding and alignment between everyone involved in projects or working closely with projects.

Course Objectives

  • Learn and understand the most important concepts of managing a project – plans, viability, quality, risk, benefits, change, progress…..
  • Participate effectively as a Team/Board member in a project
  • State the main purpose and key contents of the major management products
  • Describe the purpose and major content of all roles, principles,  themes, processes and activities
  • Understand the level of responsibility, authority and accountability held by those involved in the project
  • Articulate the steps needed to guide the project through controlled, well-managed and visible sets of activities to achieve the desired results

Who should attend?

Middle and senior management, Project managers, consultants and support staff needing an understanding of all aspects of the project lifecycle.  Anyone who engages in any way with projects or programmes.


A 30 minute test at the end of day 2 will confirm understanding of the theory covered.


Some basic understanding of business principles.

Trainer Profile

Belinda is a vivacious, vibrant outgoing trainer, who is passionate about PRINCE2®.  Her enthusiasm and motivational skills make for interesting classroom lectures which keep her students attentive. Her mentor and father, Founder of Stratsure; has taught her commitment to excellence, determination, patience and kindness… this radiates into each delegate that walks through Stature’s doors.

Belinda spent 20 years in New York, where she studied a Diploma in Entrepreneurship, and obtained an ICF Coaching Certification.  She worked and owned an Events Company during that period.  She returned to her roots in Gauteng, South Africa with her children to assist with growth of Stratsure.  “I am the luckiest person on the planet, every day I get to hold the flash light so delegates can see that something is possible that they did not see before they walked in….”

Course Content

  1. Overview
    Project Management is the planning, delegating, monitoring and control of all aspects of the project, and the motivation of those involved, to achieve the objectives within expected performance targets for time, cost, quality, scope, benefits and risk.
  2. Course quality expectation and acceptance criteria
  3. Guiding Obligations and good practices
    Business justification, Learn from experience, Defined roles and responsibilities, Manage by stages, Manage by exception, Focus on products, Tailored to suit project environment
  4. Performance areas managed
  5. Stakeholders and Interested parties
  6. The flow of the project from getting started to project closure
    Starting up a Project, Initiating a project, Directing a Project, Controlling a Stage, Managing Product delivery, Managing Stage Boundaries, Closing a Project.
  7. Aspects of the project that must be addressed continually
    Organization, Business Case, Plans, Risk, Quality, Change, Progress.
  8. What is a Project Management Office?
    Benefits of a PMO, Roles, Implementing tools and techniques