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Praxis Framework

What is the Praxis Framework?

The Praxis Framework is a digital, open-source framework for the management of projects, programmes and portfolios in any environment.

Over recent years, the discipline of project, programme and portfolio management has developed rapidly, as has the range of publications designed to provide guidance in its various aspects. Each guide addresses different areas of the discipline with its own terminology and approach.

The challenge now facing the profession is to find consistency and consensus across the many guides so that they may be used together in an integrated framework.

Praxis is designed to provide that integration.

It takes the principles of existing, proven guides, fills in the gaps and provides you with a guide which has a common terminology, structure and approach to delivering all projects and programmes.

It also supports practitioners with a library of information drawn from published experts and the practical experience of the project, programme and portfolio management community.

The Praxis Framework website has already been translated into Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese.

APMG has developed a certification scheme to support the Praxis Framework. The certification scheme includes Foundation and Practitioner level exams, with a pass at Foundation level being a pre-requisite for the Practitioner exam.

The Foundation course will be delivered over 3 days and provide candidates with knowledge and understanding of the procedures, tools and techniques within the management functions of the Praxis Framework. Candidates can take the Foundation exam at the end of a 3-day course.

The Practitioner course will be delivered over 2 days and the exam - based on a fictional case study - can be completed at the end of the 2-day course.

Recognizing that most project and programme managers have already undertaken project and programme management training, we have developed a 3-day bridging course. The course covers the similarities and differences between Praxis and other prominent frameworks, like PRINCE2®, MSP® and the APM qualifications PFQ and PMQ.

At the end of the bridging course, candidates can take the Praxis Practitioner exam, without needing to pass the Foundation exam first.

To be eligible for a bridging course, a candidate must hold one of the following certifications:

  • PRINCE2 Foundation or Practitioner
  • MSP Foundation, Practitioner or Advanced Practitioner
  • APM PFQ or PMQ
  • PRINCE2 Agile®
  • IPMA Level D (or equivalent)