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Virtual Training

We've expanded our virtual delivery. Social distancing cannot keep us apart in a virtual classroom. We can still collaborate using video conferencing technology. What's even better, delegates don't have to re-locate to join in the fun. They can come from anywhere in the world.

What's even better, is that you can write your exams only when you are ready and it can be done in the comfort of your home or office.

Stratsure has an incredible further benefit for you when you attempt Prince2. You will receive an annotated (marked up) copy of the reference manual filled with our lead trainer's tips, comments and his "Prince2 spirit" included. You receive a push-start that makes the way forward, smoother and more successful. How virtual training works

Three further Prince2 enhancements:
1. Excelling in Prince2 practitioner exam
2. Private tuition and coaching
3. Self-study Prince2 accreditation

Stratsure is a Programme and Project Management Training and Consulting company.  We are one of Africa's leading training organisations, and although we work throughout Africa, we are a boutique, family owned business.  The love, passion and integrity we bring to the industry blows the minds of our clients. Try us, you will see!

At Stratsure we are proud of our team of accredited, mature and experienced trainers committed to delivering “superior” quality courses.  We strive for excellence in every assignment entrusted to us.  You will receive value-for-money and delegates will have an improved chance of passing the exams.

We go-the-extra-mile to have delegates better prepared by personally conducting a pre-course session.  When they arrive on day 1 of the course, they start with momentum – this improves their chance of success.  It also equips them to gain more from the course. 

Each delegate attending our courses becomes part of our “family” of believers in lifelong training and commitment to achieve personal excellence in all that we do.  Each delegate is respected for the individual they choose to be. 

Our training material has been developed locally and includes the best content used by numerous competitive products.  These have been blended into the successful techniques gained from our experience while presenting courses.  The quality of our material includes coloured printing, sample documents, quizzes, sample exam papers, the syllabus and a software tool to assist implementation.

We strive to create a passion for the subject and a thorough understanding of the method – not just secure a pass in the exams.