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Why the Prince2 Certification is so Sought After

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The Prince2 certification is sought after for many reasons, all of which will create opportunities, boost your career and ensure personal development. In order to master project management, the Prince2 Practitioner course is essential.




Tried and Tested Methods

The Prince2 methodology is a tried and tested one that has been used for over thirty years. It started as the Project Resource Organisation Management Planning (or PROMPT) methodology. It was later developed by the Central Computer and Technology Agency (CCTA) to be used as the standard for all government system projects. After this development Prince2 has been proven to deliver project success.

Opens Doors to More Job Opportunities

A Prince2 certification can expand your professional network access, which opens up a whole new dimension of job opportunities. And you will enter into a higher pay grade. When you have completed your Prince2 training you can apply for a job as:

  • Project manager
  • Project administrator
  • Project co-ordinator roles

A bright future lies ahead with job opportunities abounding and an increased salary when you receive your Prince2 certification.

Finely Tuned Project Management Skills

One of the biggest attractions of the Prince2 certification (besides the fact that you will earn a higher salary) is the fact that you will have a finely tuned set of skills geared to make you the best project manager possible.

The organisation structure of Prince2 training defines clear roles and responsibilities to keep projects on schedule and within budget. When applied in any industry the Prince2 certified project manager has standardised skills that are customisable to any project.

Internationally Recognised Accreditation

The Prince2 certification is an internationally recognised accreditation, which means that the job opportunities which will present themselves are global. Because Prince2 is the set standard it is particularly popular in the UK, India, Australia, China and the majority of Europe.

View our course calendar to see when the next Price2 Foundation and Price2 Practitioner courses are available. Contact us to get accredited!

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