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The 4 Most Important Skills to have as a Project Manager

prince2 foundationA project manager is essentially the ‘boss’ of making sure the job gets done, and gets done right. To be done right, a strategy must be followed in order to ensure things are on time and within budget. Not only this, the project manager is responsible for overseeing those working within the project and their work.

To be a successful project manager you will need a few skills up your sleeve to make it work.

Your skills are key and training will only further your skill and qualification.


Communication: This is the fundamental basis of project management. Communication skills will allow you to work well with others and delegate duties easily.

A sense of humour or friendly tone never hurts as people are more likely to react positively to you and therefore get the job done efficiently.

People do not react well when orders are barked at them. A project manager must be a ‘people-person’ at heart because the team as a whole is the main focus of concern.


Leadership: A good communicator should, for all intents and purposes, be a good leader. Training and accredited courses may help you in this category if you consider yourself a ‘people person’, but not necessarily a natural born leader.

The ability to be heard is what is most important. Delegating through proper communication makes a strong leader and a strong project manager.


Negotiation: A project manager must know how to negotiate; this is also an important skill for prosperous leadership since its concomitant with effective communication.

Compromise can be difficult for some, so knowing how to mediate squabbles or inconsistencies will make you a better project manager.


Time Management: This is essential to the role of a project manager as you will not only be responsible for yourself but for an entire team that must be kept on a schedule.

A schedule is like a project manager’s bible. It will help keep the project on track and get the job done the right way, the first time.


Finely tuned negotiation and communication skills can make for a good project manager. However, leading your troop to the beat of the schedule drum; those are the makings of a brilliant project manager.

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Thursday, April 6, 2017 - 10:45
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