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5 Crucial Customer Service Skills

Customer Service SkillsQuestion: What is the most common issue that customers face when seeking a specific service from a business?

Answer: Broken promises.

Many businesses lack customer service skills; this is often due to individual employees’ lack of service skills. The lack of customer service skills causes employees to fail to meet their customers’ high expectations.

Here are the crucial customer service skills that you simply can’t go without:

Straightforward Communication

Always communicate simply and concisely with customers. Whether you are communicating in person, over the phone or via email, make sure that you always confirm all communication electronically or in writing. If communication seems ambiguous in any way, phone the client to eliminate any misunderstandings.

Effective Listening

Listening to your customer is useless if you fail to understand what they are actually trying to say. Make sure that you listen to understand.

Proactive Service

Customers expect fast, efficient service. Employees should not sit back and wait for customers to tell them what to do; they should rather anticipate the customers’ needs and make sure that they deliver efficient services.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation skills come in handy when a challenging customer has been disappointed and you need to win them back. You need to be able to use effective persuasion to make sure that if a customer is upset, you can find a common ground and negotiate a plan that will benefit both your company and the customer.

A Good Memory

You need to retain a lot of information when providing customer service. Remembering customer names, product details and company policies as well as all the dealings that you have with your customers is essential. Forgetting important information about a specific customer will make them feel undervalued.

Ensure that your Project Manager possesses these skills

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