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5 Project Management Myths Busted

prince2 trainingSuccessful project managers require certain skills and dedicated practice to become good at what you do. However, certain prerequisites keep us from becoming all that we can be simply by believing project management myths covered up as facts. So before you set yourself up for failure, have a look at the following five project management myths busted.


The customer always knows best

Although the client may know their own company pretty well, in and out, there’s a reason why they’re taking a project manager on board. Clients can’t always vision different aspects of how to make their product or service a success – hence causing you as the project manager to give the client what they want instead of what they need.

You can be a skilled multi-tasker at all times

This may be the case on occasion, but it’s definitely not a regular occurrence. Every person in the team has a different role, which can cause confusion if you’re taking more roles than one. This can also lead to you delivering mediocre work instead of focussing on one aspect and being successful.

Failing should be avoided at all costs

Yes, failing isn’t something that a team should strive for, however, this doesn’t mean the end of the team if they do happen to encounter a few stumbling blocks. This simply means the team decided to take risks, instead of being safe and achieving mediocre goals. Failing should be seen as a learning curve.

You need to be an expert in a particular project field

Having a simple understanding of a field and possessing excellent project management skills are all you need in order to manage any project. You don’t need to be an expert in a particular field – even though it would help.

Leave your feelings at the door

Even though facts and figures are important to the success of any project, so are your feelings and perceptions. They should go hand-in-hand with each other in order to create the best possible outcome – delivering successful objectives.

Strengthen your project management skills by participating in an accredited Prince2 Project Management Course – busting a few of your own myths as you go along.


5 Project Management Myths Busted

By Jade Ottavini

Before you set yourself up for failure, have a look at the following five project management myths busted.

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