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5 Things Employees Need from their Leader – According to Research!

prince2 foundationEmployees don’t need a boss who is their friend; they need a leader. The same way that employers have expectations for their employees, there are certain expectations employees have for their manager/boss.

This makes for a successful work environment whereby everyone gets what they need; good leadership will lead to a productive team. Here are 5 important things that employees need from their leader – according to research:

1. Communication

A Harris Poll showed that 70% of employees have a favourable view of their company when employers effectively communicate company goals and objectives with them.

As is true with any project, communication is key to helping everyone stay on the same page for both individual and group goals. Without effective communication, most employees end up working with no clear direction, minimal improvement and growth within the workplace and vague goals. Therefore, employees need clear instructions and continuous communication in the workplace.

2. Respect

Mutual respect in the office is crucial to a healthy and happy work environment. A study conducted by HBR and Tony Schwartz showed that out of the almost 20 000 individuals interviewed, 50% of employees felt as though they are not respected by their leaders.

Furthermore, the study showed that employees who felt as though they were respected by their leaders had 56% better health and well-being, 1.72 times more trust, 92% better focus, 1.26 times more meaning and 89% more enjoyment in their jobs.

3. Appreciation

Employees need praise and acknowledgment for their perseverance, progress and success. A study conducted by Make Their Day, an employee motivation firm, revealed that recognition matters more than money to employees.

  • 83% respondents stated that recognition for their efforts was more fulfilling than other rewards; and
  • 88% respondents stated that praise from managers was very motivating.

4. Guidance and Training

A good leader makes employees feel confident, empowered, inspired, enthusiastic and ultimately valued within the workplace.  If you want your employees to soar in their field, you need to guide and train them. Dale Carnegie’s study proved that engaged employees outperform the competition by over 200%.

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5. Approachability and Responsiveness

 “Tough” managers can, according to Adam Grant, cause stress on employees, which can lead to stress-related illnesses. Approachable managers, on the other hand, make employees feel greater trust and project better results in the workplace.

Employees need the support of their superiors to guarantee a staff that is working towards common goals.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - 11:45
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