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Agile vs Prince2 Project Management Courses

Accredited project management coursesWhen it comes to choosing the right project management course for yourself or your employees, it’s vitally important to know exactly what you need in order to move up within your career. As far as project management courses go, there are two to keep in mind that can benefit you greatly:





A project management course dedicated to fast turnaround times within an organisation. This type of project management course is ideal for teams working towards the same goal, with different functions within the team. There is no real list of how many companies have adopted the Agile Methodology, however, it’s mostly incorporated into software development due to quick decision-making approaches.


  • The freedom to be creative and productive result in a higher team morale.
  • Fast turn-around times result in happier customers.
  • Team members communicate better due to daily scrum meetings.
  • Predictability of project processes increases by keeping track of developments.
  • Product quality increases by taking a proactive approach to prevent problems.

Learn more: AgilePM® Accredited Project Management Course


PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner

This particular project management course is a process-driven management methodology – based on seven principles, themes and process.


  1. Learning from experience.
  2. Manage different stages.
  3. Manage by exception.
  4. Business justification.
  5. Product focus.
  6. Roles and responsibilities defined.
  7. Suit project environments.


  1. Progress.
  2. Organisation.
  3. Business Case.
  4. Quality.
  5. Change.
  6. Risk.
  7. Plans.


  1. The start-up.
  2. Initiating.
  3. Directing.
  4. Controlling.
  5. Product delivery management.
  6. Stage boundaries management.
  7. Closing.



  • Improving communication within a team by meeting everyone’s needs.
  • Can widely be used on any type of project – making it versatile.
  • Prince2 is a well-known and recognised project management course
  • Increases management time, being based on the ‘management by exception’ guidelines.
  • Creates a clear framework for each member of when, where, and how a project will be completed.

Learn more: PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Accredited Project Management Course


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