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Are you Scared of Success?

accredited coursesOr are you just standing in your own way? Are you so busy being a good project manager that you forgot to give attention to your biggest project, yourself?

No matter what you have heard about success, one thing is for sure, it doesn’t come free, nor without work. And the only thing that can stop you from achieving success is yourself.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself in order to shake this success-fear.

Am I standing in my way?

Beliefs that you can’t, that you don’t need to, or that it will come when the time is right, are things that will stop you from trying to succeed. The only way to get there is by climbing that ladder – so take the first step.

What obstacles are in my way?

There are a number of obstacles and barriers in your path that might be standing in your way of success. Be these financial, physical, or emotional, they all have solutions.

You don’t have the knowledge (or certification) to move up in your field – why not get it! Education is the best possible way to spend your money, so invest in yourself or ask your employer to invest in you (even if it is a loan).

You cannot afford to get a doctorate degree – why not start with a short accredited course. Buy the cheaper coffee for a year and save up – where there is a will there is a way.

You don’t have the time – well, no one ever succeeded by getting enough sleep. Priorities your time – skip your Friday night braai for a year and study instead. Once you are successful those Friday nights will only be bigger and better.

What does success look like to me?

I recently sat and thought about what I need to be successful. Some like to write it down or pin it on a vison board, but make sure that your goals are solid and reachable.

These goals include points like:

  • Within a year I would like a promotion and I would like to be earning a certain amount of money
  • By the end of next year I want to move to a bigger house
  • A year after that I want to buy my own house – it should have a pool and a double garage….

And so it goes.

Once you have a clear indication of what you want from life (without the attitude of “well I will never afford a house so why write it down”) you can set about working toward that. For this you will need to make a list of how to reach those goals. For example;

  • To get a promotion I first need to be a certified project manager and I need a PRINCE2 or Agile project management course to do so
  • Once I get my qualificatuion I can ask for a raise and start putting money away for a house deposit….

And so it goes.

Success is easy to reach if you know which path to take and which stops you need to make along the way – so get going.

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