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Do you know difference between Prince2 and Agile?

Prince2 vs Agile

There are 6 important things you should read about project management principles and techniques before getting your business year started.

4 Ways to improve the lives of your employees

management skill set course As a successful business owner, you can agree that building an empire requires diligence and passion. To be diligent, you must plan well, work hard and act smart- but what does it mean to use passion as its own driving force for success?   

How to Introduce the Notion of an Agile Movement

Agile MovementThe word agile describes something as being able to move quickly and swiftly. Other words that are associated with agile includes witty, intelligent, active and acute. The agile movement, however, explains something that seeks alternatives to traditional project management.

Understanding constructive project management

Project management Effective project management is a vital skill set that all employees in a company need to attain. There are a variety of accredited courses, such as Prince2, that can help employees in accounting, banking and other industries alike understand the flow of effective project management.


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