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Read This Before You Quit Your Job!

Managing BenefitsAre you ready to hop up out of your office chair, grab your workbag and march out of your workplace - never to return again?

I’ve been there, in fact, most people have felt like giving up, especially after a stressful work period or after spending too much time with an unfair boss and negative colleagues.

Don’t make a dramatic decision just yet…

9 Reasons Why The Agile Methodology Is So Successful

Agile methodology

If you are thinking about adopting an alternative project management methodology, consider Agile methodology. Agile Methodology, mostly used in software development, enables working teams to work in various environments that require evolved solutions and organisation systems. It is ideal for teams that are working towards a common goal, but with different functional expertise.

How Are The Best Teams Built?

teamworkHow do certain groups work effectively together while others remain dysfunctional? Teamwork is a very complex necessity in business settings. We are taught to work in teams from a young age. If you had to do group projects as a child, you will well remember the bitter-sweet times you and your teammates had.

What Is Appropriate To Wear To Work?

office dress codeAppearance plays a major role in your career's success, whether you like it or not. I am not suggesting that if you don’t have Brad Pitt’s jawline or Jennifer Aniston’s legs that you won’t be successful; I am, however, saying that if you rock-up to work with a face like Chewbacca or a 9-10 sized girl’s skirt- your career could suffer major holdbacks.

Here are crucial tips every professional should adhere to when dressing for work:


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