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Project Management: Exploring The Essential Secrets To Success

business secrets What are the two main responsibilities of a Project manager?

•    Complete all projects successfully (within the budget of course).
•    Finish the projects on time.

Project Management: Cooking Up A Storm

Project Management

My favourite metaphor for a great project manager is a great cook. Yes, we are taking project management to the kitchen and I will show you why.

A great project manager can be seen from a mile away, much like a great cook. Like the aroma seeping out of the kitchen oven, success is evident throughout a project manager’s process and not just from the result.

So let’s spice things up! What do successful chefs and successful project managers have in common?




Managing Successful Programmes (MSP)- What You Should Know

managers on siteThe difference between a project and a programme:

A programme is a temporary and flexible structure that is used to direct and implement related projects. The implementation of projects in such a structure conducts business as usual. A project is a part of the programme and is created to develop business outputs.

How to Engage Stakeholders


Who is a stakeholder?

A stakeholder is a person, group or organisation that is interested or concerned with an organisation’s project. Stakeholders can affect, or be affected by, your project. Examples of stakeholders include directors, employees, suppliers and unions.

Characteristics of a Project

Characteristics of a Project What makes a project different from business as usual?


Change: Projects are the means by which we introduce change.


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