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demanding accredited coursesAs you step out of University, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, your zest and enthusiasm for life can easily become tainted by the rough hardships of finding an ideal job.

PRINCE2 Management Products

PRINCE2 Management ProductsThe PID, once approved by the board, is base lined and becomes the working contract between the Board and the Project Manager. But what exactly goes in the PID? Look no further……


In Prince2® when they talk about tolerances, what are they talking about?

prince 2 and tolerance Tolerance and plans are major controls in the project and can be applied at all levels. The levels follow those of the organisation and plan themes. In addition, quality can be applied at product level by inclusion of quality tolerances in the product description. The principle of Management by Exception sets out the six tolerance areas to control against. The tolerances are set at one level above which they apply and are reported to this level.

Tailoring PRINCE2® in the project environment

Project ManagementWhat is tailoring?

  • Adapting the methodology to the project scale, complexity, geography and culture, whether it’s part of a programme or a stand-alone project.
  • The adoption of PRINCE2® across a company is embedding not tailoring.


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