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Stay Project Fit With An AgilePM™ Project Management Course

Staying on top of things takes a lot of work, especially when you are trying to manage an entire project and the various teams involved. Having the professional fitness and agility to adapt and keep up with the fast pace of modern project management, especially in technological industries, is vital. And here’s how an Agile project management course can help you with keep ‘fit’ in this career path.


Putting Excellence Into Practice With Praxis

How did your first driving experience go? Most of us find out very quickly that knowing how to drive and actually doing it are two very different things. That is the difference that a Praxis framework course offers you. The difference between knowing the theory and actually putting it into practice.


Backing Up Training with Experience

There is a misconception amongst many companies’ senior management that simply sending staff for training is enough to make them fully capable and competent. But while training does provide employees with the knowledge of how to do their work, if they lack experience they may struggle to implement this knowledge. That is why we encourage backing up your Prince2® training with mentorship to develop project managers of a higher calibre.

Find and Nurture Great Talent with Prince2®

Any business can either sink or soar depending on how effective and efficient its employees are. If your employees and team leaders don’t know what they are doing, or even what their co-workers are doing, their projects are bound to suffer. Sending your employees for accredited Prince2® courses in Gauteng with is a great way to protect your team from this pitfall.

This is why the PRINCE2® courses are so popular

The Stratsure PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner courses have had great success, for both us and our clients. More than just success, though, the PRINCE2® courses are have also become wildly popular. This is because PRINCE2® implementation empowers our clients and their companies more than a simple information package, and our top-notch trainers do not disappoint.


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