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A Breakdown of Agile Values

Agile teamwork

The agile manifesto started as a software development movement that strived towards uncovering better ways of developing software by helping others to do it. The success of any organization or institution essentially lies in the effective communication between interdisciplinary fields.

It is important that collaboration becomes a key achievement within project management and that teamwork overrides the hierarchical power play. Incorporating teamwork increases employees’ self-organisational skills and personal motivation. Following an agile project management movement means implementing communication, simplicity, feedback, respect and courage into your workforce.

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools:

Unique value is one of the most important and irreplaceable tools that a group of diverse individuals have to offer. Routine processes seems like the most comfortable approach, but it is actually an idle motion that deems itself ineffective in the long run. Being open to creative problem-solving and innovation opens up uncountable doors of opportunities for improvement in any organisation. Teamwork is guaranteed to become stronger once people are encouraged to work together on the same level, and when individuals have the opportunity to take personal ownership of successful input.  Like they always say, two heads are better than one!

Working software over comprehensive documentation:

In a technical sense, this means spending more time on the development of software rather than time wasted on documenting this development. Organisations should take this example into consideration when tackling new projects and accomplishing company goals. The tedious movement of constant back and forth is time-consuming and unnecessary. Once a working force has the power and confidence of handling tasks on their own, productivity will increase and results will improve. Employees should be encouraged to spend most of their time getting the work done properly, and a fraction of the time on processing only documents that are undeniably necessary.

Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

This value focuses on involving customers and clients throughout all phases of a project. Of course contracts are a vital part of any working agreement, but organisations must be careful not to create adversarial relationships with their clients. For a high-value end product, continuous communication with clients I needed; even if it means altering the project while it is in progress. This movement should be welcomed because employees are encouraged to understand that changes can be incorporated into subsequent iterations routinely and smoothly.

Responding to change over following a plan

A steady and organized plan is essential for any project or company goal. However, what a lot of organisations fall victim of is missing grand business opportunities because of stringently sticking to a rigid guideline. Flexibility is invaluable because it spots gaps in the market, allows for creative knowledge sharing and increases the pride of accomplishing a high-value end product. Responding to change means that communication between customers, managers and departments must be quick, clear, efficient and effective. This communication strategy will ensure that project changes run smoothly and cause minimum distress.

Agile approaches help teams respond to unpredictability through cumulative work cadences and empirical feedback. Following agile’s values and principles will ensure better job satisfaction for all of your employees, which will mean that products will be delivered as you need it when you need it.

Discover the benefits of agile project management by inviting your staff members to join one of our accredited project management courses today.  


A Breakdown of Agile Values

By Jade Ottavini

Discover the benefits of agile project management by inviting your staff members to join one of our accredited project management courses today.

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