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Attending a PRINCE2® course enriches the delegates with a good serving of theory and a taste of how the methodology should be applied.  After the course they return to their workplace and often fall back into old habits.  Sadly the delegate loses their newly found skills resulting in waste.

Prof David A Kolb produced some writings about “experiential” learning that included:

  • Participate in concrete learning experiences, followed by
  • Observations and reflections of the theory in practice (seeing how it should be done), then
  • Formation of abstract conceptions and generalisations (forming their own understanding)
  • Testing implications of  concepts in new situations (experimenting)


  • Participating in further concrete learning experiences

When this cycle is repeated, skills and competencies are reinforced and have the ability to expand.  Experiential learning yields a sound return on the training investment resulting in benefits to all.

Stratsure wishes to partner with organisations that share this vision for their staff and organisation.

Our role will be “assurance” by keeping our independent ability to provide guidance and constructive criticism.  The service is tailored to the customer’s circumstances.

A more embracing requirement could be the planning and delivery of “acceptance” of the methodology by internal stakeholders at all levels of management.