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Do you know difference between Prince2 and Agile?

Prince2 vs Agile

There are 6 important things you should read about project management principles and techniques before getting your business year started.

As a successful project leader that has to choose the right management style for your team, it is always best to base your approach on the kind of project at hand and not on the kind of leadership tactics that you prefer- or are used to.  If leaders and decision makers want to guarantee success for different types of projects, they should be practice when it comes to choosing a project management style.

Let’s now look at the basic project management principles and techniques of Prince2 and Agile, so that we can better understand when each methodology should be applied.


Prince2 is a process that allows members of the team to learn from past mistakes. So, during the process of a project, it is vital to take note of:
-Prevailing successful tactics
-Tactics that are continuously failing, or shows ample room for improvement.

This kind of attention to detail is best done when the project management is set on defining roles and responsibilities of individuals. When each person is focused on their own set of duties, it is easy to identify when opportunities for success are falling through the cracks.

By putting individuals in charge of their own tasks, the project process is also tactically broken into chunks, which makes it easy to control. This step-by-step notion also makes it easy for both project leader and individual team member to pinpoint when and where something went wrong.   


Agile is a very flexible management approach that allows a lot of space for creativity for everyone. This ‘hands-on’ approach makes it possible for every team member to influence the project and allows every person’s effort to make an equal difference.

The positive effect of this methodology is that it harnesses change throughout the process of a project which, essentially, opens the floor for new, better ideas to come into play well after the strategies have been planned.

For the success of this project management style, time scales and work efforts are fast paced and interactive. With a dedicated, go-getter kind of attitude, each team member can learn from, motivate and guide one another to the top.

Both Prince2 and agile have unique, superior sets of qualities that make them eligible for project management. Find out more about these two approaches, or sign up for an accredited course that will craft you into a project management master. 

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