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Find and Nurture Great Talent with Prince2®

Any business can either sink or soar depending on how effective and efficient its employees are. If your employees and team leaders don’t know what they are doing, or even what their co-workers are doing, their projects are bound to suffer. Sending your employees for accredited Prince2® courses in Gauteng with is a great way to protect your team from this pitfall.


Who is this course for?

The Prince2® Foundation and Practitioner course is perfect for all project managers, consultants and support staff who need to have an intimate understanding of project lifecycles and where everybody fits in. It may seem a bit over the top to suggest sending entire project teams on such a course, but the fact is that many projects fail due to a lack of understanding and communication within these teams. By training them all together, you reduce the chances of this occurring.

How does this help to identify talent?

Despite different employees filling different roles within projects, each one takes part in the entire Prince2® Foundation and Practitioner course. That means that everybody goes through both the theory and practice of project management, under the tutelage of trained professionals.

Once they have finished the course you can find out from the entire team what their results looked like, speaking to them about what they learnt. In this way you can perhaps find another member of the team who has a greater affinity for the role of project management than you thought. Once you have found those talented individuals you can give them opportunities to use the skills they learnt, nurturing them and boosting your business with a brand new internal asset that you didn’t know you had.

You might also discover and identify project managers who shine through the Prince2® training, showing an affinity for managing multiple aspects of projects at once. These individuals may be an even greater asset to your business as programme managers. By discovering these possibilities you open your business to new heights of success.

Nurture your team’s core skills

While the possibility to discover a few diamonds in the rough will not always bear fruit, the Prince2® Foundation and Practitioner course will always nurture the core project management skills of your employees. These core skills can be split into the following four categories:

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Negotiation
  • Time management

Where most businesses focus on enriching these skills in a single individual, the project manager, the benefits of instilling these in the entire team cannot be ignored. If the entire team is able to communicate well without needing a single intermediary to facilitate this, it will vastly improve time management because there will be no ‘time lag’ between different parts of the team. Also, negotiation will become a lot simpler with everybody understanding the importance of the negotiating process and adapting to challenges as they arise, refocusing in order to reach goals with minimal clashes.


At Stratsure we are proud to be one of Africa’s leading programme and project management training and consulting companies. All of our trainers are accredited and experienced, and we are all committed to going the extra mile for you, our clients. Get in touch and we will help you make your team the best they can be with the Prince2® Foundation and Practitioner course. Try us, you will see!

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