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How Accredited Project Management can propel your company into the future

Project Management


Your company may be built on a solid foundation, but for a successful business you will need everyone to be goal orientated. In this case that means that projects are completed with the objective of receiving constructive feedback, before the final product is delivered.  


This is easiest to obtain with the help of accredited project management courses that help employees understand and maintain the common goal of the company.

Project management is the constant refocussing and reanalysing of goals and how to reach them. The target of this is to generate good project managers for the overall success of the team.


How Prince2 Practitioner can change the game for your company

Project managers and support staff who have completed the Prince2 Practitioner course have a deep understanding of projects at all intervals. You are taught how to strategize, which is integral to a successful project.

The seven processes Prince2 employs are:

  1. Starting a project
    The strategy to meet the end goal.
  2. Initiating a project
    Getting the ball rolling and putting the plan into action.
  3. Directing a project
    Making sure all elements and team members are focussed on the end goal.
  4. Controlling a stage
    Making sure every step of the strategy is followed and revising anything that has not gone to plan. Teaches critical thinking and adaptability to challenging situations.
  5. Managing product delivery
    Ensuring the finished product is received successfully.
  6. Managing a stage boundary
    This is the final revision for the best outcome of the project.
  7. Closing a project
    Completing all steps to achieve the goal set when you started the project.

This helps Project Managers fine-tune their skills in:

  • Communication
    Positive interaction with your team is key to a successful project.
  • Leadership
    A project manager is the leader of the team that is set to reach a certain goal. Leading and guiding your team to success is integral to being a project manager.
  • Negotiation
    Not everything will go to plan, adapting and negotiating will help you refocus to reach goals.
  • Time management
    The project manager is not only responsible for their time but that of the team, being able to do this well will revolutionise the way work is done in your company.

Accredited project management courses like Prince2 can completely change the way you do business, for the better!


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Tuesday, June 13, 2017 - 10:45
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