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How to convince your boss to sponsor your PRINCE2 training

PRINCE2 courseWhat is your current position in your company? How long have you been in the same position for? Sometimes we find ourselves in a rut when it comes to our jobs. To push forward in your career, consider taking a PRINCE2 course. This course is specifically designed to enable you with essential project management skills.


A problem many potential PRINCE2 candidates face is finding the necessary funds to complete the course. Asking your company to aid the payment is not too much to ask as your education advancement will be a benefit to your company as well.

So, how do you ask your boss for the very big favour? You cannot just step into his office without doing some research. You need to show your boss that the PRINCE2 course will benefit the company!

1. The methodology is useful for all types of projects

PRINCE2 is ideal for various project types and sizes. The methodology’s terminology is generic as opposed to industry specific, making it the ideal choice for any project and any work environment.

2. Your company can enjoy return on investment

Once you have studied the methodology, what was once the company’s expense will become the company’s gain! PRINCE2 is, no doubt, a great investment. Once you know how to effectively roll out projects for clients, your company will deliver quality projects, which essentially means your customers get value for money.

3. You’ll gain more experience

The methodology is based on the best, modern practices in project management. This means that it was developed by experienced project managers, therefore, you can ride on their experience. So, instead of trying to create a project management method, apply PRINCE2 and tailor it to suit your company’s needs.

4. You’ll learn some important business vocabulary

The vocabulary learnt from PRINCE2 can be used on all your projects. This ensures effective communication within a project team.

5. The methodology encourages continuous improvement

PRINCE2 aims to continuously improve project management practices. Over time, you will find that your project management is better. This will definitely save your business time and money.

6. You can use PRINCE2 alongside other methodologies

You can collaborate PRINCE2 with other methodologies, such as Agile. Agile is specifically useful in the IT industry as it assists software developers to deliver software to clients. If your organisation already uses Agile, PRINCE2 will still easily flow into the company’s workflow.

7. PRINCE2 has a defined structure

The methodology enables all people in a team to know which role they possess and what work they are responsible and accountable for. This clear structure provides clarity within a team and prevents many different issues that emerge from ill-managed projects.

8. PRINCE2 has defined decision points

 Projects are usually comprised of:

  • A beginning
  • A middle
  • An end

To avoid confusion, PRINCE2 will teach you the skills you need to plan your projects so that you highlight important procedures during all the different stages of the project.

9. Your boss can save time

Because PRINCE2 helps you organise your projects better, your boss will not have to sit in any disorganised, waste-of-time meetings. You can show most information in reports, thus, project sponsors, as well as your boss, will have a clear idea about what’s going on with the project without having to check up every so often.

10. PRINCE2 works!

PRINCE2 has been around for a while now and has failed to disappoint its users. People who have received the project management certification have advanced their careers and been a valuable asset to their companies.

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