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How to implement Prince2 into your organisation

Prince2 foundation/practitioner It’s one thing attending a project management course, it’s a whole other challenge actually implementing it into your organisation. There are key fundamentals to remember when wanting to implement Prince2. They are as follows:





  • Think team:

Dedication and team work is key to making Prince2 successful within your business. It requires the whole team’s input and dedication – from top levels down to those starting out.

  • Be the leader:

Set a good example for your team by leading by example. Implement Prince2 into your organisation by sticking with globally accepted standards and aim to exceed what’s required of you through implementing Prince2 principles.

  • Think long-term:

The goal of attending a Prince2 foundation/practitioner course is to develop and improve future as well as current project managers. Investing in your team means your organisation will grow in the long term.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do a job, wait until you hire an amateur!”

  • Welcome a transition period:

As with any new implementation, there will be a transition period whether you want it or not. It’s best to make provision for it – treating it as a project on its own.

  • Continue learning:

It’s recommended that team members and leaders attend brief workshops for the following:

  1. APMP for PRINCE2 ® practitioners
  2. Programme management Essentials
  3. Managing Benefits Essentials
  4. Project Management essentials
  5. PRINCE2 ® Essentials
  6. Agile project management essentials
  7. P3O ® Essentials, to stay up to date with growing trends and stay ahead of the competition.


Remember, in order to make anything work, you need to put it into practise – that includes a project management course such as Prince2. Get your team together, make it a dedicated team effort and push through some of the challenges you may face as you implement a new programme into an already existent structure. In the long run, your business will thank you.

For more information, have a look at Stratsure’s accredited Prince2 foundation/practitioner course


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