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How to Introduce the Notion of an Agile Movement

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Agile MovementThe word agile describes something as being able to move quickly and swiftly. Other words that are associated with agile includes witty, intelligent, active and acute. The agile movement, however, explains something that seeks alternatives to traditional project management.

They could not have chosen a better name. When companies big or small start adapting agile movements, projects really do run smoothly and successfully. Of course, this is only the case if everyone involved in the project understands the real deal behind agile movement. So now, how can you pitch the idea of agile movement to persons on all levels of the company’s hierarchy, especially the big bosses?

Understand where they are coming from

Senior managers, primary project leaders and company CEO’s deserves credit for their skill and dedication that helped the company reach its goals. After so many years of hard work and experience, it makes sense that these bosses and leaders become stuck in ways that are… not so modern.  

According to APMG International, there are a few things that one must consider before introducing the agile movement to senior corporate members. Here is a brief summary on what the authors have to say:

Explain the agile movement properly

This means giving senior managers an exact break-down of what the movement entails. In your explanation, remember to talk about:

  • The benefits of collaborative effort between experts.
  • The stringent adherence to deadlines that all members of the project follow.
  • The ability to see early versions of the final deliverable, before serious deadlines are due.

Be realistic and talk naturally

Don’t go into too much detail about the flow of an agile movement, as this explanation can make the project sound unnecessarily complex; only address key issues that affect senior level management. Remember to:

  • Explain that agile can also be used in alignment with other project movements. Although it is extremely effective and much needed, agile is not the only successful movement, which is something that senior managers may point out.
  • Target the outcomes that the senior manager wants to see happening in the company. This includes talking realistically about how agile will save cost, increase revenue and deliver added value.
  • Focus on how agile will increase capabilities in the organisation. When members from different areas of expertise get involved in each other’s work, skillsets improve across all dimensions of the company. Not only is the excellent for personal growth and happiness in the work place, but it also ensures that projects can continue running smoothly if some members of the project are absent.

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Jade Ottavini
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Wednesday, November 30, 2016 - 15:15
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