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How PS Professional Develops Outstanding Consultants

PS Professional certificationConsultants face a very competitive working environment due to the increasing employees, customers, partners and changes in the industry. The significant expectations placed on PS teams and consultants have also increased. More than just technical skills is needed for complex professional services. The development of crucial personal, commercial and non-technical skills and competencies are often overlooked even though these skills are crucial.

In order to thrive, a customer-centric focus and being more commercially savvy will ensure better results for both clients and employees. Some of the less obvious skills are more important than technical skills as it enables consultants to be work ready, which is way more useful than other taught skills.

PS Professional Certifications

PS Professional is a non-vendor certification that focuses on developing personal and commercial competencies, while, at the same time, acknowledging and complementing important technical qualifications. The certifications are specifically designed to enable professionals to stand out from the crowd.

The PS Professional consists of a set of highly relevant certifications designed for PS professionals in Telecoms and IT industries. The 5 characteristics highlighted in the course that develop an outstanding PS Professional are:

  • Rainmaker (commercial)
  • Athlete (personal effectiveness)
  • Executive (business)
  • Catalyst (operational)
  • Authority (technical)

Each characteristic represents a course module of the PS Professional certification. By the end of the course, you will have:

  • Usable skills and competencies
  • Broader personal & commercial skills which can complement existing technical skills
  • Quicker career development & progression
  • Greater personal effectiveness
  • The ability to build stronger relationships and be more customer-focused
  • Independent recognition of your skills
  • A more encompassing understanding of the business environment
  • The opportunity to be of value to clients and employers as well as demonstrate your professional capability


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