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Managing Successful Programmes - Vision Statement

 Vision StatementWhen applying professionally managed programme methods, the vision is a vital focus and enabler for the buy-in, motivation and activity alignment of the large community of stakeholders involved in the programme.  The vision statement is the outward facing description of the future state following programme delivery.  The vision statement will describe the new services, improvements and innovative ways of working with stakeholders or any combination, and it should be used to encourage and gain commitment from as many stakeholders as possible.

The most recognised global programme method lists the following characteristics of a good vision statement:

  • Is written as a future state
  • Can be easily understood
  • Is written with the broadest grouping of stakeholders as the target audience
  • Describes a compelling future
  • Sets out the current reality
  • Matches the degree of transformation change with the boldness of the vision conveyed
  • Avoids target dates
  • Describes a desirable future
  • Describes a vision that is verifiable but without too many performance targets
  • Is sufficiently flexible to remain relevant
  • Provides sufficient context and direction
  • Is short and memorable but relevant

Below are 2 contrasting examples of a vision statement – one not using the MSP guidance and one using it:

Example 1:

To enhance Human Capital Management practices, enabling leaders to improve employee engagement globally, by 2018

Example 2:

When this programme is completed, XYZ human capital (HC) will have been unleashed to contribute benefits exceeding hundreds of millions of Rands over the next 5 years and established HC systems and structures in each of the group’s operational areas so that all levels of HC management will have user friendly access to information and HC services.  The latter will be embedded and entrenched in the organisation and be fully supported to ensure operational excellence.

HC will provide growing evidence that they are the most critical XYZ resource for the achievement of progress and delivery of superior products and services to XYZ clients.

This will be achieved through the tailored application of the most modern HC techniques recommended by the HC industry influencers, such as Dave Ulrich, SABPP and King 3 / 4 reports. The programme will identify and develop the talents and the potential of each human resource and create a working environment for everyone’s potential to be realised.

Managing Successful Programmes Foundation and Practitioner Course:

October 19 – 23 and December 7 – 11, 2015.  Cost is R17,000.00

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