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Marrying Prince2 & Agile

Prince2 AgileWhile many oppose the notion of combining two completely different methodologies, there are strengths that both methodologies can bring to the workplace when merged. In Stature’s very popular course, Prince2 Agile, project managers are guided through the process of combining both of the distinct management styles.


What are the main characteristics of the Agile methodology?

  • Users are actively involved
  • Everyone in the team makes decisions
  • Although the timescale is set, the actual requirements can change
  • The focus is on the frequent delivery of products
  • A project must be completed before moving on to the next one
  • The 80/20 rule applies
  • Testing is done throughout the actual projects’ lifecycles

What are the main characteristics of the Prince2 methodology?

  • Projects are analysed before they are rolled out
  • Specific roles and responsibilities are given
  • Past mistakes and successes are taken into consideration for new projects
  • Projects are managed by stages
  • Projects are managed by exception
  • The management process is tailored to suit the specific environment
  • The methodology is product focused

Prince2 Agile allows a working team to combine the flexible, responsive processes of Agile with the very structured, organised processes of Prince2. The course is ideal for fast-paced, forward-moving companies. If your organisation has already been implementing Prince2 practices, Prince2 Agile can further improve your project management system.

Prince2 Agile will improve your company in the following ways:

  • Meet deadlines
  • Don’t compromise project quality
  • Keep your team unified and stable
  • Manage stakeholders expectations
  • Embrace flexibility and change


Prince2 Agile
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