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MSP® Foundation and Practitioner Course- AUGUST

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Date: August 3-8, 2015
Price: Only R18,000

A programme is a temporary, flexible organisational structure created to coordinate, direct and oversee the implementation of a set of related projects and activities, in order to deliver outcomes and benefits related to the organization’s strategic objectives. (Managing Successful Programmes pg. 6)

MSP FoundationThe MSP Foundation and Practitioner Course provides training for managing benefits spans across portfolio, programme, project and operations areas.

Most of the realisation of benefits happens in the operations area and the person responsible is the Business Change Managers or the MANCO (Management Committee). This role is one of the three essential roles required to manage programmes. Programmes receive direction from the portfolio level and report to them.

Where projects focus on outputs (deliverables), programmes focus on benefits. Within projects, stage boundaries are planned to review the previous delivered stage and plan the upcoming stage. In programmes, similar review and planning events take place.  They are generally called tranches (French word for slice) but are referred to as stage gates in the diagram above.

Stage gates are opportunities to receive progress feedback on the achievement of benefits and update the Benefits Realisation plan.  At stage gates, the programme board will ensure that benefits are optimally aligned to corporate objectives.

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