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MSP® Managing Successful Programmes - October 17-21.

msp MSP® (Managing Successful Programs) provides a structured framework that can help organisations prevent pitfalls and achieve goals. Before adopting the MSP® approach, many of our clients experienced the following pitfalls:

  • Lack in board-level support
  • Weak leadership
  • Unrealistic expectations of the organisational capacity & the ability to change
  • Insufficient focus on benefits
  • No blueprint of future capability
  • Poorly defined and communicated vision
  • Insufficient stakeholder engagement

Programme management can add value to your organisation by aligning three critical organisational elements:

  1. Corporate Strategy
  2. Delivery mechanisms for change
  3. Business-as-usual

By managing the natural tension that exists between the above elements, transformational change that meets the needs of both the organisation and its stakeholders can be delivered.

Another important benefit that the MSP® framework enables is the smooth transitions of the solutions developed and delivered by projects into the organisation’s operations, without compromising and maintaining performance and effectiveness.

Our next MSP course is October 17-21. Give us a call on 083 781 4748 if you think your organisation could benefit from MSP® Managing Successful Programmes.

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