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Remoting – working from home


When you are alone in your business and operation from home, you can most likely benefit from having a sounding board on call.  Just getting another interested person able to bring a different perspective to an issue, can shed light on that situation.

Here’s an opportunity to gain another perspective.

Why should you do this program?

  • Connect tasks to vision and purpose
  • Budget activities accurately
  • Be someone who gives their word and keeps their word
  • Break projects up into bite-size easy pieces
  • Move your productivity needle by working weekly, then daily, then hourly

Course details / objectives

How to be more organized and get things done

Who should attend?

If you have recently been forced to operate from home or start your own business from home, there are important disciplines that can make your life more productive.

Here’s an opportunity to learn from an accredited life coach.

Course content and discoveries

With the help of:

  • Assignments,
  • pre-recorded videos,
  • daily SUPPORT,
  • guidance and accountability

You can master the daily “dance” we do with time.

This critical skill is essential for our effectiveness

Duration and Delivery

90 minutes a week for four weeks, via zoom

Applying skills between sessions

To gain the most value from the course, you will be asked to apply the lessons learned from each session.  The trainer can be used as a coach to guide you to areas of improvement that will change your life.


Visualise how obstacles hindering your quality of life from soaring, gradually fall away.  Put a smile back on your face and re-discover the joy of living.  Belinda is a certified life coach and can assist in discovering how and where to remove bad habits that cause hindrances.