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  1. Original vision

    The original purpose of P2Nav was to provide people participating in PRINCE2® projects, with a document storage system that:

    • Has a PRINCE2® user interface thereby simplifying access to information and navigation
    • Can gain access to all project documentation (for a number of projects)
    • Manages version control of all documents and retains previous versions of documents
    • Can be accessed through the Internet so that storage is in the cloud and computer resources are provided by the hosting site
    • Enables various users controlled access to the information (through manageable security control)

    Our P2Nav demonstration site is being hosted on Microsoft’s Office365 system. This is an enormous benefit to everyone using these facilities, with a 24/7 availability, backups done for you, disaster recovery sites included and the mighty hand of Microsoft protecting the security and confidentiality of your system.

  2. Benefit

    During a PRINCE2® course, the number of management products seems to be excessive. Once you have sat in the P2Nav “cockpit” and worked with the controls, the mystery surrounding the management products is removed. It becomes enjoyable and satisfying to feel the control you have.

  3. Further reference

    This description above can be enriched by reviewing the P2Nav brochure on this web site at:

  4. Marketing information

    Please contact our offices for further information on the system.

  5. After registration

    After we have received your registered information you will become eligible for a 30 day trial version of the product. To continue using the facility (after the 30 day trial) you will be asked to agree to a 12 month initial sign-on rental. Currently the costs to use the system are as low as R400 per month per user and initial rentals are payable annually in advance. Payment arrangements can be negotiated for individuals. We suggest you attend the one day P2Nav Essentials course during which your personal site will be activated. During the trial period the only project (pre-loaded) will be the Calendar project with a full set of documents that contain sample information plus the ability to create one of your projects. When creating a new project a full set of sample documents will be set up for your editing and updating. Initially you may choose to use the PRINCE2® diagrams to navigate the site or you could choose to use short cuts once you have become accustomed to the site layout.