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Prince2® vs Agile® Project Management Methodology


Both the Prince2® and Agile® project management courses are geared to teach you to lead and successfully complete projects. But which one is the best for you and your team? Following are some of the main similarities and differences between them, to help you decide which would most benefit you as a project manager.



Prince2®: a Classic Project Management Course

The Prince2® Foundation and Practitioner approach is renowned as the most comprehensive and globally accepted project management methodology. This course is essential for any project manager mastering their craft as it sets an international standard of efficiency and excellence.

Its rule of seven is applied to its processes, principles and themes so they are easy to remember and apply in all situations a project manager may encounter. It works like a waterfall system so to move forward you must first complete the preliminary Foundation course before moving on to Practitioner and eventually to Professional. Prince2® also tends to be more IT focused and answers the “what” questions of Project Management. Prince2® is, however, geared to be flexible for use across several businesses and industries.

Prince2® is popular as a means of outlining large projects. However, it tends to be less flexible than Agile® when applying it to smaller elements of a project. This is less due to Prince2® not being flexible and more about Agile® being just an even more flexible approach.

Agile®: the New Kid on the Project Management Block

Where Prince2® follows a waterfall method the Agile® approach breaks a project down with constant evaluation taking place in the process. Where Prince2® has been specially formulated for project managers Agile® allows more freedom so anyone involved in a project can contribute their ideas to make the project more creative and responsive. This does, however, make it vulnerable to the environment it is being used in and can easily run off the tracks if you let it.

Agile is best for detailed requirements that will be subject to change as the project progresses. It allows for the process and project to constantly evolve as needed to successfully complete the project.

The benefits of both Prince2® and Agile®

Both of these courses are internationally recognised, will make you more employable and push you into a higher earning bracket. Visit Stratsure to find out what accredited project management courses are available that you can take to further your career. See our calendar for project management training in Gauteng or contact us for more details.


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