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The Prince2 7-Step Process

Prince2® 7-Step ProcessThe PRINCE2® processes describe a step by step progression through a project’s lifecycle.  A process is a set of activities designed to accomplish a specific objective. 


There are 7 Processes in PRINCE2®

In this simple process timeline, the sequence of a straight-forward path through the processes can be followed:

1 .The Project Mandate triggers the Starting up a Project (SU) process.

2 .The output of the SU process is considered in the Directing a Project (DP) process where Initiation is authorised (using the Project Brief and Initiation Stage plan).

3 .During the Initiating a Project (IP) process the project initiation documentation (PID) is prepared. 

4 .During the Managing Stage Boundaries (SB) process, the stage plan for the first stage to follow project authorisation, is prepared.

5 .The two groups of products viz. (the PID and next stage plan) are presented to the project board in the DP process where the project is authorised.

6 .This event releases stage control to the project manager who uses work packages (created in the Controlling a Stage (CS)) to have products created in the Managing Product Delivery (MP) process.

7 .At the end of each stage the activities in the SB process are performed and information is forwarded to the DP process where stages are authorised.

8 .At the end of the final stage, activities in the Closing a Project (CP) process are performed before the board authorises project closure in the DP process.

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