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Programme Management Essentials Course Deatails

Course DetailsProgramme Management sets out to organise and plan the programme by first creating a vision of what the sponsor wishes to achieve.  It reveals the “to-be” state as opposed to the “as-in” state of the project and it focuses on the benefits, realisation and measurement.  This is achieved by planning major review points in the programme called “tranches” or slices.  Programmes can be executed over years therefore always keeping an eye on the vision of the project is important.

Organisations such as CDC will benefit from utilising proper programme management skills as they will be better positioned to report back to their sponsors because they will be providing evidence of periodic benefits that are being derived.

As many projects are grouped together to form programmes, the networked delivery of projects can better be managed with knowledge of programme management. Many aspects of grouped projects can better be managed at a programme level e.g. the programme’s business case often applies to all the projects in the programme. 

Sometimes it is better to manage risks at a programme level to the benefit of all effected projects.


Opportunity to define and manage benefits more professionally

Programmes yield benefits over many years.  By focussing on the benefits and completion of projects, a more professional service to the client can be achieved.


Improved ability to manage project inter-dependencies

When focussing on the joint impact of all the projects in a programme, the network of projects can be better managed to enhance benefits to be derived.


Our next Programme Management course:

Date: March 30 and 31

Venue: Pretoria

Price: R3000 per person

Trainer: Les Clarke

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