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Projects: What is it that we wish to control?

ProjectsThroughout the project duration, time, cost, quality, benefits, risk and scope are the six aspects of a project that require management. Project Management provides best practice guidance on how to manage these six aspects.

Even after the delivery of the project product, the realisation of benefits needs to be managed.

The Benefits Review Plan is the management product that takes over from the Business Case when the project is closed. The benefits in the business case are managed with the help of the Benefits Review Plan.

Characteristics of a Project

• Change: Projects are the means by which we introduce change

• Temporary: Projects are temporary and, once complete, the business as usual resumes (in its new form) and the need for the project is removed

• Cross-functional: Projects involve a team of people with different skills working together

• Unique: Every project is unique in some way

• Uncertainty: The characteristics already listed will introduce threats and opportunities over and above those we typically encounter in the course of business as usual.

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