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PS Professional®

PS Professional


From the 18 April, Stratsure will be providing Professional Services Professional (PSP) courses.

Foundation Course

The main goal for the PS Professional® course is to make technical people more commercial and sales oriented. The challenge with technical people is the need to be recognised as an expert. This is at conflict with how you want them to behave to develop effective outcomes with customers.

The certification scheme is based upon the five core characteristics that make up a Professional, namely:

  • Rainmaker (Commercial)
  • Athlete (Personal Effectiveness)
  • Executive (Business)
  • Catalyst (Operational)
  • Authority (Technical)

Within each course segment, there are three levels of accreditation:

  • Foundation
  • Practitioner
  • Professional

This segment of PSP (Rainmaker) deals with everything in the sales cycle, from client needs identification and honing consultative skills to writing winning proposals. The secret to success is being really customer and sales oriented, with a true entrepreneurial spirit. You need to be a rainmaker (someone who makes rain where there isn’t any) who has earned the right to sell more.

This course will ensure that you are ahead of the game. You will be able to understand what customers want and make sure that every interaction and touch point stands out and makes a difference whilst making a profit for the organisation.

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