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Questions in Class

  1. What is the difference between PMBOK and PRINCE2 ®?  Can both work?
    See "A contributor’s perspective".
    See “Prince2-versus-PMBOK” for a more detailed analysis.
    See "A perspective from Stratsure".
  2. After PRINCE2 ® what further courses should I attend?
    A proposed skills development plan is included in the document Experiential Learning.
  3. Why are there so many management products – is this not “over-the-top”?
    They are needed to effectively manage the six aspects of project performance.
    Delegates new to PRINCE2 ® perceive managing the management products as too much of a burden.  The burden becomes a lot lighter when you get used to a suitable software product that makes version control and accessibility so much easier.  Please take a look at the P2Nav brochure and P2Nav description.
  4. Can I cut some aspects of PRINCE2 ® out to make it easier?
    No two projects are the same. The level of control required for a multi-million rand project is much greater than that required for a project only costing ten thousand rand. The number of stages required for a high risk project is likely to be greater than a low risk project. The level of control required for bank managing a million rand project is likely to be less than that required by a small company managing a similar cost project.
    In other words, if practitioners simply apply the whole of the PRINCE2 ® method blindly to every project, they are not likely to gain the benefits of the method. This is why practitioners must tailor PRINCE2 ® to suit the needs of their project environment. This is done by tailoring the PRINCE2 ® processes, themes and management products.
    See summary of chapter 19.
  5. How do I get my seniors to buy into PRINCE2 ®?
    See P2 implementation suggestions.
  6. If you want PRINCE2 ® embedded into an organisation, where do you start?
    See P2 implementation suggestions.
  7. If my organisation wants to contain costs, how can I get them to include Project Assurance?
    If there is something wrong with your organisation’s acceptance of PRINCE2 ® as a best practice standard, speak to a PRINCE2 ® trainer or consultant for assistance.
    See P2 implementation suggestions.
  8. What other aspects of project management exists that PRINCE2 ® does not address?
    See Experiential learning.
    See the course outline for the APM PM for PRINCE2® Practitioners course.
  9. Why should we do Management Benefits – does it matter?
    See Managing Benefits Essentials course outline.
  10. Doing Product Descriptions sounds like too much work – what’s the alternative?
    Product Descriptions are the basic building blocks for effective scoping and quality control.
    No Product Descriptions results in forfeiting control of product quality and incomplete scoping.
  11. We don’t do configuration management at present – how can I manage the products electronically?
    See P2Nav description and the P2Nav brochure.
  12. I can’t get board members to play their roles – what now?
    See the P2 implementation document.
  13. Operational priorities cause me to lose control of resources – what now?
    Wherever possible source project managers from the PMO and consider using external project resources. 
  14. I really need project support but I don’t get cooperation – what now?
    Become efficient at using the organisation’s configuration management system.
    See P2Nav description and the P2Nav brochure.
  15. The board won’t give me enough time to plan thoroughly, they just want delivery! What now?
    See P2 Implementation.
  16. Our finance department is slow to pay suppliers.  Some suppliers have almost had to apply for insolvency. How should I correct this problem?
    PRINCE2 ® does not address this problem directly.  You could consider inviting someone from finance to play the role of Project Assurance or Senior User to represent the interests of the BUSINESS and USER.
  17. Many of my projects are “justified” through political decisions.  When politic changes or people are re-assigned, my project justification is reduced and at times removed.  Does PRINCE2 ® eventuality allow for this?
    The project board is responsible for ensuring the project justification at all times. Circumstances effecting justification change, an issue or exception should be raised for a response from the board.