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Read This Before You Quit Your Job!

Managing BenefitsAre you ready to hop up out of your office chair, grab your workbag and march out of your workplace - never to return again?

I’ve been there, in fact, most people have felt like giving up, especially after a stressful work period or after spending too much time with an unfair boss and negative colleagues.

Don’t make a dramatic decision just yet…

Leaving your job could be a very big mistake. We are often so emerged in our current unhappy situation, we forget that life isn’t always peachy. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself because of your current standing, try to find ways to motivate yourself, whether it be coffee, chatting to a work friend or a future promotion opportunity.

Also remember that future employers are more likely to hire you if you already have a job. If you are employed, you will seem more reliable to potential employers. If your current situation is completely unbearable, hold on just a little longer; during this time, spend time improving your CV and sending it to different companies.

If you feel as though your unhappiness might just be a phase, improve your current situation. Here’s how:

Educate yourself to be better at your job

It's amazing how much more you are able to enjoy your job if you are educating yourself in your career as well as becoming more confident in what you do. Taking a course that will enable you to climb up the ladder of success quicker may just help you change your attitude towards your job! See Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner.

You may also want to read: How to Be a Learner, Not Just a Student.

Set yourself goals

Make sure that you see yourself growing in your career. Setting goals will motivate you to push through difficult times.

Don’t take your work home

Separate your private life from your work life. Clocking too many over hours may cause you to dislike your work even more.

Find hobbies

Indulging in hobbies that you love is very important for your wellbeing. At the end of the day, you need to do things that you enjoy, whether it is sport, running, painting, playing the piano or walking your dog.


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