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Retaking your Prince2® Practitioner Exam

Our motto at Stratsure is “there is no such thing as failure, only feedback.” If at first, you don’t succeed, try and try again. Stratsure allows you to retake your Prince2® Exam because we understand that learning a skill is not as simple as people may think. The Prince2® practitioner and re-registration examinations are available should you need another shot.



Anyone who has attended the Stratsure Prince2® course may organise to write the examination for a second time. You can schedule Prince2® practitioner exam retakes through Stratsure. You will just have to give three weeks’ notice of your intent to rewrite the exam. Axelos and APM Group require proof that you have passed the Prince2® foundation course and that you attended a Prince2® practitioner course.

Do I need to take the course again?

To retake your Prince2® practitioner exam you do not have to take the course again (but you must have passed the Prince2® foundation course). There is no harm in taking the course again; it may be beneficial if you feel you need more time and guidance to grasp all that the Prince2® course has to offer.

Stratsure makes trainers available to review and analyse your reasons for retaking the exam. They will pinpoint the weaknesses from the previous exam so you know what to focus on when studying for your retake.

What you should keep in mind for your retake

Eat a good breakfast, be on time and study. Stay calm, stress will only cloud your mind and lead to unnecessary mistakes. The bottom line is if you have studied and followed the guidelines of the trainers to rectify anything you didn’t understand the first time around, you will do well.

Contact us with any queries you may have about the PRINCE2 Practitioner and Reregistration examinations. Everyone deserves a second chance, so sign up for yours today.

Jeanne Conradie
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