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Start Your Career As A Project Manager The PRINCE2 Way

PRINCE27 reasons why you should do a PRINCE2 course:

You can get PRINCE2 certifications in a matter of days.

Usually it takes 3 days to do the Foundation course and another 2 days to complete the Practitioner course; therefore, in 5 short days you are able to get your accreditation and open project management doors in many places. PRINCE2 is such a renowned qualification that many companies acknowledge, sometimes even over experience.

It is still so relevant.

The concepts and processes that are learned in PRINCE2 courses work for companies.

It has been tried and tested.

For over 3 decades people have used the PRINCE2 methodologies all around the world. Prince 2 is formed on a solid foundation and the methodologies promise to help deliver successful projects.

You will learn how to use clear steps to complete a project.

The PRINCE2 approach provides project managers with the appropriate knowledge to help them layout a project’s deliverables as well as its why, when, how, where and what of the project process. This limits potential risks and ensures that all issues are addressed and dealt with as soon as they occur.

It is able to adjust to various projects.

PRINCE2 methodologies can be adjusted to fit any type of project and project size, therefore it is widely relevant.

PRINCE2 methodologies improve the organisation of a company.

A defined structure is one of the most essential qualities that your working team should have. Each team member should be assigned a role from the beginning of a project and be responsible for completing and managing their tasks. PRINCE2 enables a Project Manager to delegate tasks and manage a team efficiently.

It enables better risk management.

Making sure projects are viable from the get-go can help their viability. PRINCE2 teaches project managers to delegate time for planning, consider risks and understand requirements.

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