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Start Your Career On The Right Foot

demanding accredited coursesAs you step out of University, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, your zest and enthusiasm for life can easily become tainted by the rough hardships of finding an ideal job.

Your first job is very important for your career as it sets the scene for all your future paths. This is why a course such as Prince2 is very beneficial for helping young graduates step out into the business world on the right foot. At the end of the day, nobody wants to start their career in a useless organisation.

The painful truth is that thousands of university graduates will have to face is the fact that a degree in South Africa no longer promises you a job. Students are forced to rely on their parents to support them and help them get their lives started as well as find jobs as unskilled workers, wasting all their money and time spent at University.

So how can Prince2 help University Graduates?

  1. A Prince2 certification can weigh over experience. When applying for jobs, most students will notice that experience is required, even over a degree at times; Prince2 gives you essential advice and guidance that can help you in the real working world.
  2. Prince2 can give you a forward push when it comes to interviews. Not only is Prince2 internationally recognised, it can also give you a boost with your prerequisite test for entry of the position (depending on the job you are applying for).
  3. University graduates do not always leave college with all the essential skills they need. Prince2 offers practical skills and knowledge, which is essential in a working environment.
  4. You can change or better your career path with a Prince2 course.Young people begin choosing their career paths from as early as grade 9. The problem with this is that they end up spending up to 10 years after that pursuing a career that may be completely wrong for them.
  5. You can offer an organisation more as an employee. Prince2 can enable you to have better planning, organising, leading and communication skills.

Stratsure is offering a lucky student the chance to win a spot in one of our Prince2 courses. Follow our Facebook page to keep updated with the competition details.

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